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Effortless Attendance Management

The QR-based seamless solution for students, lecturers, and administrators.


Introducing Checkersy

Effortless Attendance Management. Our QR-based solution revolutionizes how educational institutions track attendance. Students simply scan the QR code to mark their attendance accurately and instantly. Real-time reporting provides valuable insights for educators. Administrators have full control via an intuitive panel to manage courses, permissions, and generate comprehensive reports. Seamlessly integrating with existing systems, Checkersy ensures a smooth transition. Automated notifications keep everyone informed. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to streamlined attendance management. Experience the power of Checkersy today. Get started now.

QR Code Integration

QR Code Integration

Enable seamless attendance marking using QR codes for efficient and accurate tracking.

User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive and easy-to-use platform for students, lecturers, and administrators.

Real-time Reporting

Real-time Reporting

Access comprehensive attendance reports instantly for effective monitoring and analysis.

Admin Control Panel

Admin Control Panel

Empower administrators with advanced management tools and permissions.

Attendance Management Perfected

check iconAccess effortlessly from any device

check iconAdmin and Lecturer-Friendly Desktop Version

check iconStudent-Focused Mobile App

check iconAnytime, Anywhere Access

check iconA visually appealing and responsive interface


Features for Students

With Checkersy, tracking your attendance has never been simpler. Simply scan the QR code in your classes and stay up-to-date with your attendance record.

check iconScan the QR code, mark attendance instantly.

check iconAccessible anywhere, never miss a check-in.

check iconTrack Attendance History.

Features for Lecturers

Simplify attendance marking and focus on what you love—teaching. Checkersy automates the attendance process, making it efficient and hassle-free.

check iconSave time: Eliminate manual attendance, reduce admin work.

check iconPrecise attendance: Reliable QR code scanning, minimal errors.

check iconReal-time count: Instantly track class attendance.

check iconEasy manual addition: Add attendance for students with device issues.


Features for Administration

Manage attendance across multiple courses and departments seamlessly with Checkersy's comprehensive administrative features.

check iconCentralized control: Monitor attendance, generate reports, manage users from one admin panel.

check iconStreamlined admin control: Manage subjects, groups, assign lecturers in one panel.

check iconEffortless report generation: Obtain valuable attendance insights for improved management.

check iconSeamless integration and scalability: Integrate Checkersy, scale with ease.

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